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International projects (EN)

CVO Brussels has collaborated with various Adult Education and VET providers in Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Norway, Finland and Italy via the Erasmus+ program. The opportunity for job shadowing or international courses is open to all employees.

CVO Brussels has participated in international projects for several years. We prepare new projects for 2021 and the participation in International vocational Skills week enables us to build a larger network for our international goals. In 2020 CVO Brussel received the eramus+ accreditation 2021-2027. We are also available to receive and guide foreign colleagues for job shadowing or internships in Brussels and the surrounding area.

CVO Brussels has contacts with many companies in the food & beverage, hospitality, care, technical and construction sector where our students do their internship during the courses. Many of our teachers are still partly employed in companies or can rely on years of experience. We offer training courses in close contact with the employment agency and various professional federations. Our campus restaurants and shops where students offer their produced products for sale are accessible to the local community.

CVO Brussels is part of a consortium for vocational education providers with several Flemish schools. Our students can use an extensive network of companies for internships or in company training, that is also open to our international partners. Our students can do internships with our VET partners in several European countries.

More information

Would you like to know more about our international cooperation? Please contact our Internationalization Coordinator David De Freyne, david.defreyne@cvobrussel.be

  • Our current projects are Teaching in a European urban context and The road to Europe 2019-2020
  • Our OID E10254454



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